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About Legacy USA About Legacy USA

Every musician strives to create their own legacy … but where do you start?

We are The Instrument Store, one of the nation’s largest band instrument dealers we sell thousands of instruments each year and our mission is to help players of all ages forge their own legacy. We would like to introduce you to our line of musical instruments and accessories … Legacy

After years of being frustrated with poor quality imports and overpriced professional horns, we decided to start our own relationship with the world’s finest factories so we could offer you outstanding instruments at affordable prices. We believe that creating your own legacy shouldn’t have to cost your life’s savings.

Instruments made at the Legacy partner factories are often considered to be among the world’s finest instruments. We have partner factories in the US, Asia and Europe.  Most of our partners have several decades of experience in musical instrument design and production.

Band and Orchestra - Our Legacy Started with Saxophones

Legacy musical instruments began with the production of our Legacy saxophones.  Legacy saxophones are made in one of the world’s most renowned factories with more than 30 years of saxophone design and production experience.  Our partner factory also makes instruments for some of the world's most recognized names in band instruments.  Our Legacy saxophones are just as good ... or dare we say ... better !

Beginning with imported Japanese brass and the highest quality materials, Legacy saxes are crafted to the most exacting specifications. During assembly, each component and manufacturing procedure is inspected at least four times to assure that the instrument is of the highest quality and workmanship. Our production tooling is world class. We don’t use fancy gimmicks like colored lacquer and semi-precious stones. We combine superior design with world class manufacturing, materials and quality control.

We offer models designed for students to advanced/ intermediate players all the way up to handmade professional models. Whether you are an aspiring student, accomplished amateur or touring professional, we have a model that will be right for you. Our goal is to bring you the instrument of your dreams, which will bring out the best in your playing and enjoyment of music.

Working with the factory and selling directly to our customers eliminates the enormous overhead costs of the national brands which can save you 50-75% compared to similar instruments from other brands. Here in the US, our technical staff checks over every part of the instrument for quality control and most importantly to assure that the sound and intonation will meet the demands of a professional player, even for our student models. We don’t claim to make “magical changes” in our shop, we get it right the first time at the factory and then provide final checking and service here in our New York shop.

We stand behind what we sell with an unconditional money-back guarantee and a comprehensive warranty. Legacy Saxophones are available in two series, the 1000 Series and 2000 Series. The 1000 Series includes standard finishes and limited engraving. The 2000 Series is our advanced intermediate/professional series which offers a broad range of variations including beautiful finishes and gorgeous hand engraving.

We put the same passion for excellence into our other band and orchestral instruments.  We have a full line of trumpets, clarinets, strings, etc.  Create your Legacy with one of our instruments !!!

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